FROM COAL AND STEEL TO CONSUMER PROTECTION Beyond Cross-Border Situations (2 volumes)


Giulia Scartoni (ed.)

European Consumer Law
ISBN: 978-94-6240-553-0 (Softcover/paperback)
ISBN: 978-94-6240-599-8 (PDF)


This series aims to provide the readers an overview of the consumers’ protection in EU law through the most relevant situations where the weaker parties normally are involved. Through the analysis of the sources of law, together with reports of landmark case law from the European Court of Justice as well, consumers will find a straightforward guide to learn about their rights in certain day-to-day situations, while the legal professionals, in general, can easily find a list of consumer laws and case law.

Consumer law is indeed one of the biggest and most actual areas of law that keeps growing up quickly because of the fast implementation of the services that are provided on the global market. The demand of new services has indeed become bigger day by day. This requires new providers as well and so new law to protect the consumers from abuses in an area where they are the weaker party. That is also why European Union has established a  consumer policy programme for always better consumer protection.

The impact of EU Law on national systems of law is huge. Many national laws are indeed the application of EU secondary law, i.e. directives and regulations. At the same time, it is also important to always keep an eye on the European Court of Justice case law (ECJ). This series consists of multiple volumes. The first one is general and concerns the European law system and its legal basis, related to a general historical overview of consumer protection and the actual consumer policy.

Giulia Scartoni is an Italian certified lawyer from Pistoia, Tuscany. She was born in 1989 and she is part of the Pistoia Bar Association. She currently works as an attorney at law and legal counsel, mostly in the areas of civil, private, commercial, corporate, labour and consumer law.