From Coal and Steel to Consumer Protection; Key Challenges of Safe Shopping in EU


Giulia Scartoni (ed.)

Volume 2 (Part 1+2)

European Consumer Law

ISBN: 978-94-6240-588-2 (Softcover/paperback)

ISBN: 978-94-6240-593-6 (PDF)


Constant developments in the area of digital technology are fundamentally changing the way consumers interact and shop online. Consumer protection in the digital single market is one of the main priorities of European policy makers – with the aim of systematically taking into account the
rights and needs of consumers in a rapidly changing digital environment.
This volume, as a part of the “From Coal and Steel to consumer protection” book series, will provide the readers an overview of the main current key challenges of safe shopping under European law. The fast growing demand of new services and goods is followed by the need of performing latest and different legal protection as well. Thanks to this technical and practical brief of the European legal sources and recent case law from the European Court of Justice, both professionals and privates will find a clear guide of the consumer rights, actions and powers, in the contemporary
market “jungle”.