The GUIDE 2016


ISBN: 9789462406612

In this new edition of the Landmark Cases you will find all the important judgments and decisions of the European Court of Human Rights of 2016. We have given the judgments and decisions a special number from 1-140 and you can find them very
fast in the 10 volumes of the series.
The special guide is a bigger index to the series where you can find all the information that you need on the cases and the articles of the European Convention on Human Rights.
In this guide you will find the following content:
• The Article
• The explanation of the Article
• Highlighted subjects of 2016
• The cases related to the Article
• Landmark cases from the past related to the article
• Summaries of the Landmark cases
• Further reading about the subject
At the end of the guide you will find all the cases with references.
If you want to go to the case you can find number in the Landmark Series in volume 1.
In the footnotes we put also a reference “DOC 1”. The “DOC” is a reference to the case number 1 and other cases.
At page 4 you can find the cases related to the articles of the European Convention on Human Rights.