Tilburg Law Lectures

The Tilburg Law Lectures Series is an initiative of the research institute (Schoordijk Institute) of the Tilburg University Faculty of Law. The purpose of this series is to highlight the work of the visiting lecturers and fellows working at the institute for a limited period of time.

When language meets the mind: Three questions
James Boyd White

ISBN (hardcover) : 9789058502636


In 2006 the lecture was held by James Boyd White,one of the founding fathers of the Law & Literature movement, presenting three crucial questions animating his research. At the centre of imaginative life and expression in law, literature and ordinary life, there is the moment when, as White puts it, `language meets the mind’. It is at this moment that three basic and inexhaustible questions arise. First: What is the language that this speaker – or I myself – is given by the culture to use on this occasion? This is an external, descriptive, and analytic question. Second: What relation does this speaker establish with his language? What does it do to him and what does he do with or to it? This is an internal, a normative, a personal and an artistic question. Third: What relation does this speaker establish with others in his speech – those spoken about, those spoken to? This is an ethical, even a political question. Reading texts by Simone Weil, Homer, Plato, Mark Twain, Emily Dickinson, and Abraham Lincoln, White pursues these three questions. His conclusion is that while they are phrased as `language questions’ they are not as technical as they seem but `the first questions of intellectual life, present constantly in every enterprise of thought’.
Amongst other things, the series includes publications within the framework of the Montesquieu seminars (legal theory), the Anton Philips Chair (company law), the Interpolis chair (pensions), the rotating professorship in international and comparative law, the Piet Gilhuis chair in environmental law, and seminars by other international guests of institute.

The Jurisprudence of Aharon Barak, Views from Europe
Maartje de Visser, Willem Witteveen (eds.)

ISBN (hardcover) : 9789058506832


At the Montesquieu Seminars, new developments in legal theory are explored and discussed. Fundamental problems experienced in the (practices of) law are reflected critically. A broad range of disciplines contribute at these attempts of sustained critical reflection. No particular school of legal theory is preferred over another.
Tilburg Law School has an open mind for new approaches to law and does not want to limit the debate to the agenda set by some school, movement or discipline. As a result, while the seminars are conceived around urgent actual problems, the focus is interdisciplinary.

Due to this the Montequieu Seminars are especially interesting for national and local politicians, students, policy makers, advisory bodies, entrepreneurs, business management, advocacy, judiciary and government.
This book contains a written version of the seventh Montesquieu seminar, which was held in September 2010 by Aharon Barak. 

Globalisation and legal scholarship
Montesquieu lecture 2009
William Twining

ISBN (hardcover) : 9789058506825

Psychology and the design of legal institutions
Tom R. Tyler

ISBN (hardcover) : 9789058503206

This book contains a written version of the third Montesquieu seminar, which was held on 15 March 2007 by Tom R. Tyler, professor of Psychology at New York University.

The perils of pervasive legal instrumentalism
Montesquieu seminars
Brian. Z. Tamanaha

ISBN (hardcover) : 9789058501745